3d, Blender, Cycles

Rendered in Cycles with enviroment lighting  and a sunlight, model from


Even more cycles renders

3d, Blender, Cycles


New progress in the facial rig

3d, Animation, Blender, Character Design

I managed to finish the face rig and it looks pretty cool, but now that I fully understand the process I’ll go back to polish the model and add a few things to it. I’ll turn him into a mexican Luchador, so there’s still many things to do. Once he’s finished and fully textured, I’ll create the rig again from scratch, to study it more and hopefully make it better. Finally, once all that is done I’ll make a little animation to test it.

Here’s the ref sheet for the mask and the overall look of the character, and a few more render tests:

A random Big Guy

3d, Character Design

Just some sculpting practice in sculptris… I liked it, so  I’m gonna add some more detail in zbrush and make a retopology in Blender 😀

I´ve also sketched some variations in photoshop to define which type of character is he going to be. I’m kinda liking the Universal Soldier type 😛