About me

As a graduate in Advertising, I’ve worked with a lot of different topics such as graphic design, webdesign, illustration, video editing, animation, compositing, copywritting and marketing. This was in part a search for that thing that I would really love doing, and finally after 4 years of searching I found it. So right now I´m fully dedicated to create a portfolio and a career as a Character Artist, specifically in the areas of character design, 3d modeling and digital sculpting.

This blog has been created to serve as a record of this journey; studies, sketches, inspiration and all the things related.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi, i would really love to know how you did the creature designs for the underwater competition, they look so real and the compositer it seems u have like 3 render images what render images did you do, and how did u do them, and how did u get a spec map on them at least that what i think u did?


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