Power Rangers – Cardiatron

This fanart/redesign was made for the tribute of the Power Rangers enemies in season 1, started by Edgar Gomez (https://www.artstation.com/artist/edgargomez).

I spent about 15 hours total in the making, from modeling to post. Done in Blender, rendered in Cycles, post in Photoshop.



I decided to do the #sculptember challenge this year, unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the whole month, but I’m posting what I did, along with a couple of timelapses. It was a pretty good exercise, I’ll try to do more of this 30 days challenges in the future.

In average I tried to spend no more than 1 hour, and no less than 30 min on each sculpt (not taking render into account of course). Some look more “finished” than others, because I had at least a 2D sketch or a ref image while sculpting. For the rest I always started from a sphere and sculpted whatever came into mind while playing with the model. That’s why they look more like sketches.


The Clown

Another speed sculpt sketch I got carried away with. It was a good exercise, on the hair specially, which took a long time to set up properly.

I may come back to this later and make another render, with better lighting and higher resolution. I couldn’t decide on which one looked better, so I’ll post both color and b&w versions.

clown_byn Clown_color_correction


Test renders:

Blender, Cycles and Photoshop for some minor fixes and color correction.



A cartoon dragon(ish) timelapse


This is not exactly the best render I’ve done (or the best character either), but I’m posting it because it was a good exercise in recording my process. Also, it serves as an experiment to be able to do good and clear timelapses/tutorials in the future.

One really good thing I noticed while doing this, is that just by capturing the screen I’m forcing myself to keep focused on the subject and stop procrastinating, something I’m very good at :/ Maybe is because I don’t want to edit hours of my time wasting abilities online.

Also, seeing the process in video is a good way to see what could be improved (in the worklfow) and/or changed for the next project. Before doing this I recorded two more speedsculpts, and noticed how much time I loose just thinking about what I’m doing, there were very long pauses showing just the cursor moving around the screen and rotating the model randomly without actually doing nothing on it.

So for further projects I’ll record the entire process, to keep focus, improve myself and also to share it later here.

There’s a few things I could’ve cut off from the final version, but here it is anyway. Roughly 2 hours of work (without render times) condensed in 25 minutes.

Animated head loop


While experimenting with the Animation Nodes addon for Blender (and trying to understand how it works), I came up with this simple loop, and decided to make a gif out of it. Crappy quality and lots of noise because I didn’t wanted to spend a whole day rendering this…

For anyone wanting to create procedural animation and/or motion graphics in Blender, I heavily recommend this addon, doing animation with nodes is really cool 🙂


Animation Nodes thread on Blenderartists.org

Examples and tutorials


Tutorials by Jimmy Gunawan

Reviving the blog

I’ve never been disciplined enough to maintain my blog updated; so once again I’m starting to post here, hoping to keep it this time, mainly for portfolio purposes (and this is the biggest motivation to do it), but also to create the habit of doing regular posts at least twice a week. Besides the portfolio, I’ll also try to post some tips and tricks I’ve found over the years regarding modeling, rendering and animation in Blender.

Now head over to the Portfolio section to see some of the things I’ve done, most of them are just personal projects, unless noted otherwise.