Yet another Sculptris sketch

Here’s another Sculptris lunch sketch, done in 30 or 45 mins. It’s just so easy…. take a sphere and do whatever you want with it!!! No geometry stuff, no topology stuff, none of that, just sculpt for the f”$# of it!! :D

Seems like finally the Pixologic guys are going to give us that in the Z4R2 (Zbrush 4 Release 2) with the new Dynamesh tools. Awesome!!!

Anyway, here’s an old man :D

Old man

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2 responses to “Yet another Sculptris sketch”

  1. rob-zoe says :

    YES I agree Sculptirs is awesome! It gives an artist who isn’t a maths-boff, the ability to craft 3d models in a more hands on, artistic and organic approach!

    You should colour this model, and he needs a hat lol! I love Sculptris.

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